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Spring dog show one weekend 3 exhibitions 

Welcome, Uzhgorod duo CACIB 27-28.04.2019 

Internationale and Mono breed (club) Dog show 


27.04.2019 Mono breed show (rank CAC): 
american staffordshire terrier, zwergschnauzer, doberman,cane corso 


 28.04.2019 FCI-CACIB  ZAKARPATIE-2018  

28.04.2019 Mono breed show (rank CAC): 
labrador retriever, dachshunds, german shepherd, french bulldog, chihuahua 


   UKU Zakarpatskiy OO Fortis inform about the dog shows to be held in Uzhgorod deadline: deadline : april 15, 2019 *  20:00 ukrainian time 


Account for payment 

The transfer fee can be charged by the organizer of the exhibition!

 Please list the amount indicated in the contributions and not less.


All letters with questions only

 For local payment, please fill out the GUARANTEE GUARANTEE

please attach the guarantee letter to dog registration >>>

 WARNING! Local payment + EUR / dog /exibition calculated up

 Entry fees for  Mono Spec Show: 

if you pay on the show you must pay  +3  euro/dog

1st dog                       

Additional dog             
Baby, puppy, veteran     


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Contacts :Mob. +380505849248, contact VIBER,Mesenger from this mob.  

According to the rules of registration for the exhibition owners who registered their dogs in the show and failed to pay the exhibition fee, a maximum of one month (30 days) after the exhibition are required to pay for it (regardless of whether the dog has taken part in the exhibition).  

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