Dog show Uzhgorod duo cacib  17-18.03.2018 Uzhgorod

Dog show

duo cacib  17-18.03.2018 Uzhgorod

  We would like to welcome you to our events in 2018 year
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deadline : march 04, 2018  23:00 ukrainian time 

Dear exhibitors, dear visitors 
We invite you  take part in the Duo CACIB

 18.03.2018 FCI-CACIB  ZAKARPATIE-2018  



Extract from the REGULATIONS for the International and Certificate

Dog Shows Of Ukrainian Kennel Union

Art. 5.9. The dog-owners who had registered their dogs and did not pay the registration fees must pay the registration fee within a month after the show even if they did not come to the ring. Otherwise the organization committee of the show may apply for the disqualification of these dog-owners from all the FCI and UKU canine events for the period up to 3 years. Such applications of the Show Organization Committees must be accompanied by the registration form for the show or a guaranty letter signed by the owner of the dog. 


16-17.08.2014 duo cacib Uyhgorod

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Goldader kennel dachshunds, beagle
Goldader dachshunds, beagle
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